Team Much More 18 AWG Silver Silicone Wire Black (90 cm)


Team Much More 18 AWG Silver Silicone Wire Black (90 cm)

Muchmore's silicone silver wire (SSW) series is a must for all serious electric racers and a simple way to reduce resistance in your electric vehicle's electrical connections.

We introduce new 18AWG version which is a little thicker than 20AWG series.

Flexible insulation makes SSW perfect for use in ancillary devices such as Schottky diode clusters, fans, LiPo receiver packs to your car etc while at the same time giving you a professional, customised look. 

Ideal for small load applications where mass needs to be kept to a minimum and for battery to speedo connections and speedo to motor connections in 1/18 or mini sized R/C vehicles.

  • Model: MR-WK18
  • Manufactured by: Much-More Racing

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 July, 2008.

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