CTX-D2 Discharger & Personal Matcher Version 2 - Platinum


CTX-D2 Discharger & Personal Matcher Version 2 - Platinum Edition

Special Black LCD

Developed functions of CTX-D2
1. 6 single cells can be discharged.
2. Much more accurate discharging rate and voltage reading.
3. A heat sink is attached to resistors for stability.
4. High RPM dual ball bearing fans for cool operation.
5. Perfect protection system against reverse polarity.
6. 5 polarity guide posts to ensure battery pack is inserted correctly.

7. Capability to provide communications with PC.
- please note the optional PC interface is a new product under development and is not currently available.







 No. of cells


 Discharge current

 5A / 30A pulse

 Cut-off voltage

 0.0(dead short)~1.20V(adjustable)

 Input Voltage


 Discharging Capability


 Discharging Modes

 Linear 5A, Dead short, Pulse 30A




 IC controlled dual ball bearing fan x 2


1.Always ensure the CTX-D is connected to a suitable 12V power supply and the power is ON before placing any batteries in the tray.

2.Always ensure you place your batteries correctly in the tray-the battery bar location on the battery pack MUST match with the battery bar diagram on the CTX-D.

3.Always ensure the polarity of your batteries match with the '+' symbol on the CTX-D.

For further information, please refer to Page 2 of the CTX-D Instruciton manual.

The CTX-Discharger and Personal Matcher(referred to as CTX-D)is a state of the art microprocessor based discharger system for Sub-C size rechargeable batteries for R/C use. With CTX technology developed by our team of R&D, factory team drivers and world champion Atsushi Hara, Marc Rheinard and Surikarn Chaidajsuriya. Muchmore introduces the next generation of discharger for serious R/C drivers. The CTX-D is linear or pulse type discharger and can discharge 1, 3, 4, 6cells or 3, 4, 6cell packs.

- Black LCD with 16x2 characters  
- IC controlled cooling fans
- Latest data memories  
- External port for communications with computer

Pulse discharge is new discharging method which is able to check your batteries runtime and Internal Resistance at high discharging rate 30A without creating overheat. 30A Pulse discharged runtime is shorter than 30A linear. Therefore, it is much closer to the Modified race's discharging rate. You can select your best batteries before race at table benchmarks.
CTX-D measures IR during Pulse discharge at 2minutes after actual discharged.
Lower number of IR means it has more punch.
According to out test, new batteries of GP3700 (race level) show Runtime 350~380sec and IR 7~11
on the CTX-D.

  • Model: PT-CTXD2
  • Manufactured by: Much-More Racing

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